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Travel Tip of the Week, #3

Getting away from the cold and enjoying some heat in Key West? For a fun adventure, rent bicycles from Eaton Bikes. They offer a variety of options, including beach cruisers, hybrids, and road bikes, along with trailers and bike attachments for kids, and kid bikes. They also will deliver to your hotel in Key West free of charge. The day rentals are good for 24 hours (and you can also get a week-long rental).

Once you’re set up, you can ride along the water, through town (stopping for lunch and to visit interesting and fun sites along the way), or head off Key West, toward the other keys. A strong wind can add to the adventure, making pedaling far more difficult than one would expect on the nice, flat land of Key West. Additionally, there are certain intersections where you feel like, even when walking your bike across, you’re playing Frogger. Definitely ups the excitement factor!