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Travel Tip of the Week, #8

Discover Vermilion Cliffs National Park in Arizona. Get a guide, as the roads are often treacherous and impassible in cars, and there are no trails. The photographic opportunities there are astounding. The scenery and colors are incredible. You’ll encounter very few other visitors in most areas, due to the permits needed. (Obtaining a permit is a process, but it’s worth it!) Find more information from the BLM.

Vermilion Cliffs can easily be combined with a visit to the more remote North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Though, while Vermilion Cliffs is amazing to visit anytime of year, access to the North Rim is closed when there is snow (the roads aren’t plowed). And, if you make it to the North Rim in winter, you could be stuck there if snow arrives after you do.

Arctic Treks

Featured company of the week: Arctic Treks, a family-owned business that operates in Alaska’s far north. All trips start and end in Fairbanks, and adventures include rafting, backpacking, and base camp trips. Group size is small, and custom trips (for groups of three – nine people) can also be arranged.

All group members participate in camp chores, and there is ample time for individual interests (such as photography, fishing, etc.)

Have you traveled with Arctic Treks? Leave your review in the comments below.